Steves Meat Market


When we opened our business at this location in 1990, our production of game was at an easily manageable number. We were able to negotiate a pickup date with our customers with some flexibility. Within five years, our game processing business had grown by 200%. It was at this time we had to develop a “storage fee” policy to ensure that we were able to take the maximum number of carcasses daily, trusting that the orders would be picked up in a timely manner. Even though our freezer is 75 ft x 12 ft, we are at capacity during the hunting season at any given time. This is the nature of a seasonal business, as some of you may know.  

The “storage fee” that we charge to store your animal and keep it frozen is minimal compared to the inconvenience that it creates when we have to minimize the number of carcasses coming in, ultimately effecting other hunters who also want to drop off a carcass.

Our typical turn-around time for processing during the peak season is approximately 1 week. At the time the animal is dropped off, you are given a specific pick-up date and pick-up hours for the specific pick-up date.  Our “storage fees” are explained and this information will also be printed on your copy of the work order, which is signed by the person that you entrusted to drop off your meat. If the meat is dropped off by someone other than the hunter, it will be the hunter’s responsibility to get a copy of the claim ticket and understand the pick-up procedure so that we can try to accommodate as many hunters as possible. We understand that things come up and you can’t get to the shop…it happens to all of us, but please comply with the policy and pay the fee so that you can get home and enjoy the meat, and we can get another animal into the freezer! We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding of this policy!  

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