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We process deer, elk, moose, antelope, bear (custom only during Sep.), buffalo, mountain lion, big horn sheep, mountain goat, wild boar (anything else)? All animals MUST have a carcass tag attached (refer to state requirements) or receipt from private ranch, NO EXCEPTIONS.

All steak cuts are boneless and include Tenderloins (whole), Loins (a.k.a. backstraps, butterflied), Sirloins, and Rounds. We recommend a thickness of 3/4 inch and we package for a family of three (approximately 1-1/2 lb packs). Roasts come from the shoulders, are approximately 2-3 lb each, and are netted for easier cooking. Shank and neck meat are ground for burger, sausage, and/or jerky. An average whole animal will yield about 55% of the hanging weight (based on care taken in the field).


All steaks and roasts are vacuum packed (NOT FREEZER WRAPPED) to ensure freshness & longevity. All packs are professionally labeled with the animal type and specific cut. All meat is packaged and frozen immediately.

Burger is packaged in a 1 lb (approx.) poly-chub. Sausage and Jerky are packaged as shown on our processing price list. Burger is double ground and we recommend adding 10% beef or pork suet for flavor and consistency.

For your convenience, Steve’s Meat Market is open seasonally, September to end of January.

**Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been detected in several states in elk and deer. Steve’s Meat Market, Inc. will not knowingly accept any animal showing signs or symptoms of CWD. We will report any suspicious animal to Colorado Parks & Wildlife. We can in no way guarantee your animal does or does not have CWD and we do not assume responsibility for testing or failure to test for CWD. For further information on CWD and testing, call Colorado Parks & Wildlife at (303)297-1192 or visit their web site at

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