Steves Meat Market


When I began processing game in the mid 80’s, my entire staff was two to four employees. I remember my son Ryan standing on a milk crate skinning a deer, my daughter Amy wrapping steaks with locker paper using an ink pad and rubber stamp to mark the type of product in the package, and my wife Karen coming to the shop each day after she completed work at her “regular” job to call customers and advise their orders were ready for pickup. I knew every customer by their first name, remembered that they preferred steaks a little on the thick side or to make their Italian sausage a bit more spicy. I knew when their children shot their first deer or that one of them was up to 10 points in unit #201 for the dream elk hunt, and I sincerely miss that relationship with my customers. Looking back on it now, I can say those were the “Good Ol’ Days.” While we try to manage our extremely successful game processing business, I can assure you that my staff and I continue to process your game with the same passion that I had 30 years ago. (There are just a lot more of you now!)

I am asked why we have such short receiving hours. For example: If you have been here and seen us receive 200-400 antelope in four to five hours on opening weekend of antelope season, you must understand that it is my responsibility to properly clean, refrigerate, process, freeze, and return this meat to you in one week. If I extend my hours to receive more than I can properly handle, I am setting my business up for failure. We need to receive animals at a proper pace and know when we can’t handle any more. As the owner, I monitor the production at all times. I feel that Steve’s Meat Market is the premier wild game processing plant providing a good value & excellent product.

Thanks to all of our loyal & first time customers!!  I greatly appreciate your patronage.

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