Steves Meat Market



Your carcass/meat will be assigned a tracking number at the time of drop off.  You will be given a copy of your work order (also referred to as your claim ticket) when the meat is dropped off and this must be presented when the meat is picked up. This copy proves ownership of the meat. The original work order will be secured to the carcass/meat once it has been cleaned and it goes into the cooler. As the meat is deboned and cleaned, the work order will travel with the primals and/or trim throughout the process. While not impossible, it is extremely time consuming to try and locate a particular order when it is in the processing stage since the work order is secured to the meat in a cooler, amongst all other animals that are currently in process.  Changing an order would decrease/increase product amounts, and several things are dependent on the original order (staffing, pick-up date, oven capacity, etc.)  We understand that you may have forgotten to order something, the person who you sent in to drop off gave an incorrect order, or you may have changed your mind after discussing with others.  However, by explaining our processing system to you we hope you can better understand our reasoning and why it is not feasible for us to do an order change.

Keep in mind that if you need to add custom products, you can always bring back any frozen burger/steaks/roasts during regular receiving hours (Sep/Dec/Jan) and have additional products made. 

Thank you for your cooperation with this.

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