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Ground Jerky

$12 per lb.

Black Pepper: Coarse ground black pepper added to our mild recipe, making this our top selling jerky.

Jalapeño: Not as hot as our red pepper, but with a perfect amount of diced jalapeños ground right in.

Mild: Our original ground & formed jerky. Plenty of flavor and naturally hickory smoked just right for timid taste buds.

Red Pepper: Want to turn on some heat? We add hot crushed red pepper to our mild recipe.

Sweet & Hot: Teriyaki sweet with a kicker of cayenne.

Teriyaki: If you like sweet, this one’s for you. We actually grind fresh pineapple right in this tasty jerky.

XXX: It’s a firecracker!! Our spiciest jerky made with jalapeños, red pepper, cayenne, and habañero!