Steves Meat Market


Steve’s does not offer taxidermy services. However, we are a designated drop off site for RhinOriginalz European Skull and Panel Mounts. Please contact Ryan at RhinOriginalz (303-427-0113) for any questions you may have regarding dropping off, pricing, turnaround, etc. We can take the head in for you at our location, we will tag it and put it in our freezer, and you will deal with Ryan directly from that point on. Make sure to check out Ryan’s website and get an idea of the custom work he can do for you as well! If you are looking to have a shoulder mount or hide done, we recommend Rick Gaccetta with Best Bet Taxidermy (303-423-7022).

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“Delicia is my favorite place in the world to have authentic Indian food and fill myself with quality ingredients, herbs, and spices, and get the truest taste. I have not had Indian food so good anywhere else in the entire country and I keep coming back every time. It is absolutely DELICIOUS!”

Patrick Greenish

A Regular Customer At Delicia

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